View Derek’s positions on the policies that
make Missouri a better place to live and work.
Economic Growth

We are working hard to create and sustain an environment in Missouri that supports job creation, innovation and entrepreneurship. While representing you in Jefferson City, I have worked to ensure economic opportunity for all Missourians, and have successfully championed customized job training, reduced the cost of higher education, lowered taxes, eliminated job-killing red tape and regulations, stood against special interest groups, and passed criminal justice reform that enables previous offenders to make a positive contribution to society.

That fight continues today as we work together to make Missouri an even more desirable place to live and work.

Supporting Families

Family shapes who we are, plays a role in all our decisions, and gives meaning to what we do. I am blessed to have been raised by parents who taught me strength and compassion, love and sacrifice. My wife and I work every day to instill those principles in our two boys, and I am focused on ensuring families are supported and protected through my work representing you.


Our schools, teachers and parents must have the resources needed to create a safe and effective learning environment for our children. I have consistently voted to fully fund our local public schools in the State Budget, and I will continue to fight for parental involvement and ensuring our schools have what they need to ensure students are fully prepared for future success.


We must significantly reduce regulations, increase competition, and provide more options to lower deductibles and reduce health insurance costs. I have filed legislation to increase transparency and accountability between healthcare providers and patients, increase accountability, and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in the Missouri healthcare system.

All life is sacred and as a father of two young boys, I will always fight for the rights of those born and unborn.

2nd Amendment: I’m a proud gun owner and staunch supporter of the right to bear arms. The Founding Fathers established the Second Amendment so citizens of our country could protect themselves against criminals and a tyrannical government. Those rights must be protected at all times.

Police: Without the rule of law and order our society cannot function. I fully and completely support our police and will ensure they have the resources needed to keep our community safe. 

Personal Freedoms: Government is not the answer to every problem. I believe part of my job as your representative in Jefferson City is to always fight for personal liberty and freedoms, and to push back against any oppresive government entity that tries to take away your rights or control our daily lives. 

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